We have compiled a list below of questions that we are often asked about the day to day running of Genus Plant Sourcing. We appreciate how much time and effort goes into realising your landscape and planting designs and understand how important it is to have every detail covered – from usual timescales to questions on biosecurity and industry regulations – we’ve addressed your questions below.

If you want to chat through any other details or want to discuss any of the below please get in touch.

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1. What range of plants do you supply?

We source and supply the full range of hardy nursery stock. We do the leg work so you don’t have to.

2. Where do the plants come from?

We source from over 50 specialist growers both home and abroad. We love plants, sourcing is what we do day in, day out. We know where to go, that’s our worry, not yours.

3. Can you supply any plant?

We’ll always do our very best to find what you want from the smallest wildflower plug to the most spectacular mature specimen tree. There’s no need to go anywhere else.

4. What is your customer base and are you wholesale?

Yes, we are wholesale and we supply to designers, landscapers, landscape architects and local authorities across the UK.

5. What is the company background?

Your enquiries are handled by Matt, Pip, Emma and April. Matt founded the company in 2002 following 12 years working in the nursery and landscape industry. The business was born out of frustration trying to complete planting projects as the designers had specified. Pip joined Genus 12 years ago and has always worked in the horticultural industry after completing her training at Pershore. Emma is a qualified garden designer and April, our newest recruit has previously worked for Thompson and Morgan, Glendale and Wyevale where she completed an apprenticeship in Production Horticulture.

6. Do you have a nursery so I can come and choose my own plants?

No, but you are welcome to come and visit us if you would like. We source all plants specifically to order so that you receive prime plants.  If we’re not happy with anything we receive we can reject the plant and re-order from elsewhere.

7. What guarantees do you offer?

We provide advice on the aftercare of the plants that we supply and ensure that healthy plants are sourced and delivered to you. However, if you notice any problems with the plants we have supplied you have up to 21 days from the point of delivery to notify us in writing and to provide us with photographic evidence. Our Guide to Successful Planting can be found here.

8. Do you grow any of your own plants?

We grow a small but increasing amount of our own stock.

9. Do you have an availability list?

Because we source from such a vast range of nurseries it would be impossible to collate all the current lists, but we have produced a helpful Plant User Guide that outlines the most popular commercially grown plants. See our website for details – If you would like to receive regular plant updates please email us and we will sign you up to our mailing list.

10. What if I only want a few plants?

We’re happy to take an order or enquiry of any size.

11. How does it work?

Once we’ve received your enquiry we will provide you with a no obligation quote. We aim to get your quote to you within 3-5 working days. When the order is confirmed we bring all the plants together to our own nursery and schedule a convenient delivery date. We aim to deliver within 2 weeks of your order being placed.

12. What are your timescales?

Turnaround for the majority of quotations is within 3-5 working days (but please bear with us during busy times!) and with that we will advise on delivery timing. We work on a two week cycle of orders in and out. We have lorries in from Holland and Italy every other week alongside deliveries from numerous UK growers. Over these few days we also collect from assorted specialist growers of roses, climbers, aquatics, fruit, topiary etc. Once all the plants have arrived here and been prepared and collated, we then have eight working days to deliver all your orders before the whole operation starts again.

13. How do I request a quote?

Simply send us your plant list by email, phone, messenger or good old fashioned post.

14. Can you send photographs of the plants?

We can provide generic images of individual plants where available. We are in the process of developing a comprehensive online plant database which will include stock images. If you would like to hand pick specimen trees and shrubs speak to us about our guided trips to Dutch nurseries.

15. Are you expensive?

It’s a common misconception that because we don’t grow our plants they will cost you a lot – not the case.  We have forged trusted relationships with nurseries all over the UK and abroad who are supplying to us at a very competitive rate.

16. Why do I have to pay up front?

As soon as the order is placed we kick start the order process and get in touch with our suppliers to organise combination deliveries. Because of this we are unable to take plants back into stock and paying upfront guarantees your order and in turn guarantees the orders that we place with our suppliers.

17. Do you deliver and if so how much does it cost?

Yes.  We have our own transport and friendly driver’s called Dave and Will. For larger jobs or those that are outside of our regular delivery route we use a haulier. Delivery cost is included in the quote and starts from £30.

18. How are the plants delivered?

Principally on Danish trolleys on one of our 3.5t Luton vans.

19. Do you have a plant passport and do you comply with EU regulations?

Yes. We are vigilant on plant health issues and understand this is an ever increasing threat. We are inspected regularly by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) and the nurseries that we use are also regulated. Good husbandry and plant protection feature as a big part of good plantsmanship with biosecurity more important than ever.

20. What other services do you provide?

With our own extensive experience combined with the expertise of our specialist growers to call on, we will always endeavour to help with any queries or concerns. We are also able to arrange escorted trips to nurseries abroad.

21. What is your policy on sustainability?

We try as much as possible to source to your specifications whether that be peat free, recyclable pots or local provenance. Bear in mind that currently this does limit your choice. We are hoping that in the future more suppliers will go down this route.

22. How will you be affected by Brexit?

Brexit does lend a certain air of uncertainty to plant sourcing in the future but rest assured we are putting a contingency plan in place.